Drink Responsibly and stay hydrated

To ensure the best possible results from our hangover patch, we recommend staying hydrated. Adequate hydration helps your body to better absorb the nutrients and ingredients in the patch, allowing it to work more effectively to support your recovery. So make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated to get the most out of your hangover patch.


Seize the day after a fun night out

Seizing the day, or living in the present moment, has numerous benefits for both your mental and physical well-being. By focusing on the present, you can reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness and gratitude, and improve your overall quality of life.


Common questions

1How to use?
Apply patch to a dry and hairless area on your body
2How does it work?
The patch will release multivitamins immediately in to your body, easing the effects of a hangover.
3Howl Long should i leave it on?
Leave overnight for better results.
4How do I remove it?
Apply warm water
to remove the patch

Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 0.4 × 4.17 × 6.53 in


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